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"Academic advisors are honored to have the opportunity to partner with hard-working, resilient, and vibrant students who genuinely make our SCC community an incredible place to be. We are fortunate to advocate for students who learn, develop as individuals, and reach their academic, personal, and career goals. We are proud to support students throughout their SCC journey!"

Laura Green
Manager of Advising


At Salem Community College, your success and academic future are our top priorities. As advisors, we will help you develop and meet your goals, advocate for you, and prepare you for the future. Your academic experience should be as smooth as possible, from start to finish. We will work together to empower you with knowledge, wisdom, and resources as you pursue your goals at Salem Community College and beyond.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Submit all admissions, financial aid, and academic documentation. Your advisor needs to review this material to help you make the best degree and course choices.
  2. Make SCC aware of any changes in your personal information. Personal Information Change forms are available through your advising portal in Canvas and at the front desk in the Admissions Office.
  3. Use the information and guidance provided by the advisor to make wise decisions about your major and which courses to take.
  4. Refer to your Program Sheet when selecting courses for the next semester. Mark your sheet to help you keep track of your progress toward your degree. It is helpful to keep your Program Sheet, along with other advising-related materials, organized in a folder that you bring with you to every advising appointment.
  5. Once you are on your way to completing courses specific to your major, ask yourself two important questions to make sure it is the right fit for you: (a) Do I find the content of the core courses interesting? and (b) Do my courses make me look forward to future coursework in this major?
  6. Make your education a priority and attend all classes. If a class absence cannot be avoided, you should contact the instructor immediately.
  7. Access and read the College Catalog and Student Handbook. Be familiar with and abide by SCC policies defined in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.
  8. Schedule periodic meetings with your advisor to discuss your progress and ask any questions you may have.


Advisor Responsibilities

  1. Work with individual students to develop long-term academic plans and set short-term goals to achieve those plans.
  2. Provide a clear explanation of course requirements for a student's chosen program; this includes General Education, program-specific courses, elective options, and internship opportunities, where applicable.
  3. Discuss student's areas of personal concern, such as balancing academics with work and social obligations. Refer students to campus resources, such as the Academic Support Lab, for help with their unique needs.
  4. Meet with students before and during each semester registration period to discuss academic progress.
  5. Contact students receiving Academic Alerts; set appointments to identify progress issues and brainstorm solutions.
  6. Answer questions about SCC policies and procedures.
  7. Help students to be proactive in their education and to problem-solve.