fbpx Advisor Responsibilities | Salem Community College

Advisor Responsibilities

  1. Work with individual students to develop long-term academic plans and set short-term goals to achieve those plans.
  2. Provide a clear explanation of course requirements for a student's chosen program; this includes General Education, program-specific courses, elective options, and internship opportunities, where applicable.
  3. Discuss student's areas of personal concern, such as balancing academics with work and social obligations. Refer students to campus resources, such as the Academic Support Lab, for help with their unique needs.
  4. Meet with students before and during each semester registration period to discuss academic progress.
  5. Contact students receiving Academic Alerts; set appointments to identify progress issues and brainstorm solutions.
  6. Answer questions about SCC policies and procedures.
  7. Help students to be proactive in their education and to problem-solve.