May I retake the Accuplacer test?

Yes. Students who scored within 3 points of the cutoff score for the math section, experienced computer malfunctions that are confirmed by the proctor, or enrolled in developmental courses more than five years ago may retest without charge.

Students who want to retest to improve their scores may do so, but must wait at least two weeks after taking the Accuplacer to sign up to retest. The Request for Accuplacer Retest must be completed and approved by the Director of Enrollment and Transition Services and any required fee ($10 fee to retest in one subject and a $15 fee to retake the full test) must be paid before a retest will be scheduled. 


When is an Accuplacer retest required?

Students whose test scores are more than three years old and who have not begun any courses in English and/or Math must retest and will not be charged the retest fee.


Tests Offered

What are the cut off scores for CLEP and AP tests? 

A student must have achieved a minimum score of 50 on the CLEP and a minimum score of 3 on the AP test in order for the scores to be evaluated for college credit. Students taking the CLEP for courses required for the Nursing program must score higher than 50; however, the required score is determined by the course for which a student is taking the CLEP. For more information, visit Student Affairs.


Does SCC accept ACT scores?

No.  We do not accept ACT scores at this time.


Is there a test to determine placement beyond College Algebra?

Yes, the Maplesoft Test will determine if a student may be placed into Pre-Calculus or Calculus. This free test may be beneficial to students who are in a program of study that requires calculus.  


Advising Information

How do I find out who my advisor is?

  • You can find out who your advisor is in the student portal by doing the following:
  • Login to the Self Service Portal
  • On the Home tab click on “View Schedule”
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the schedule and the name of your assigned advisor is listed.


If I have a hold on my account, may I see an advisor for course selection? 

Yes. You may get academic advising with a hold on your account; however, you will not be permitted to register for courses, make any changes to your student account (including withdrawing from a course) or receive any other face-to-face services.


Do I have to be on campus to use Self-Service?

No. The initial login must be done on campus; however, once this is completed, students can access Self-Service from anywhere.


To determine when I can register by my total number of credits, do I include currently enrolled credits?



Whom do I see for advising?

If you are a new or undecided student, you will meet with an advisor in Student Affairs.  Students can meet with an advisor in Student Affairs during normal business hours.  If you are a current or returning student, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in your chosen major. Your advisor’s name can be viewed in the student portal.  Students that need to meet with an advisor in Student Affairs for reasons other than course selection will need to schedule an appointment.


Can I take classes from the different semesters listed on my program sheet or do I have to take them all in order?

Courses are usually offered according to the sequence listed on the program sheet. If a student decides to take a course out of sequence, they should be aware that not all courses are offered each semester and this may delay their graduation. If you are considering taking courses out of sequence, be sure to seek assistance and prior approval from an advisor to ensure you can graduate on time.


Can classes overlap even if they only overlap by 10 minutes and the classes are right down the hall from each other?

No. Not even a 1-minute overlap will be permitted.


What math sequence should I follow if I am a non-math/science major?

MAT 092 or MAT 093 or MAT 095 (if applicable) then MAT 134 or MAT 137 or MAT 153 – MAT 201. Please refer to your program sheet and/or your faculty advisor with any questions.


What math sequence should I follow if I am a math/science major?

MAT 092 or MAT 093 or MAT 095 (if applicable) then MAT 153 – MAT 231 or MAT 201. A higher-level math course (e.g. MAT 232 – MAT 233) may be required depending on your academic program.


How long do I have to complete all graduation requirements for a deactivated program?

Students generally have two years from the deactivation of a program to complete all graduation requirements. See an advisor for more information about your program.


If I retake a course, will my F or F/A disappear?

No. Your GPA will improve by retaking the course if you receive a higher grade, but the F or F/A will always remain on your transcript. The repeated grade will be shown in [brackets].


Does the 5-year time limit rule apply to high school and college level biology and chemistry courses for students that need these prerequisites for Anatomy & Physiology I?

Yes.  The 5-year time limit rule applies to high school biology and chemistry courses that are to be used by students to meet the Anatomy & Physiology I prerequisites.  Students must earn a C or higher in high school biology and chemistry.  This information is documented in the college records system to allow students to register for BIO 220. 


Do students need to receive a C+ or higher in BIO 110 and CHM100 and must these courses be taken within the past 5 years?

No.  These courses are prerequisites to BIO 220 and do not require the student to receive a C+ and these courses do not have a year limit placed on them.


If a student takes a prerequisite at another institution, for example ENG 101 for ENG 102, but did not receive a C (transferable) or higher in the prerequisite course, must the student take ENG 101 again (or any prerequisite course) in order to take ENG 102?



What is the maximum number of credits in which I can enroll for Fall/Spring and Summer prior to submitting a Request for Academic Overload?

A student can take up to 19 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters and 8 credits per summer session or 19 credits for the entire summer semester without prior approval.


Can I receive credit for HSC 200 if I have a current First Aid & CPR card?

Yes.  The student must complete and submit the Application for Credit form and attach a copy of the card with the form.  The student will need to pay the tuition according to the tuition rates in effect at the time of payment.


Can a student take ENG 102 in place of ENG 122?

Yes.  A course substitution form needs to be completed and signed by the advisor and/or Academic Coordinator or Dean of Academic Affairs.


Can a student receive a D in a developmental course?

No.  The grading scale is #A, #B, #C, F, or F/A.  Developmental course work is not included in the calculation of the GPA.


Can a faculty member approve a course substitution or waiver form?

No. A faculty member can recommend it, but the form must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs or the designated Program Coordinator.


Can BIO 130 count as a Science Elective?

No.  BIO 130 is not a general education elective.  Refer to the NJ General Education information in the College Catalog for a current list of general education electives.


Am I required to follow the year of the academic program when I entered SCC?

No.  However, you must choose the program year you entered or any thereafter.  Students who are away from SCC for more than a year must utilize the current program year curriculum.



Do we accept the NET test for the Nursing programs?

No.  The current Nursing entrance exam is the Evolve Reach Nursing Admission Assessment Exam (A2). See the Nursing program webpage on the college website for more information.


Am I able to apply to the ADN program without a current PN license? 

Students must either be enrolled in the PN program at SCC or have current PN license to be able to apply to the ADN program.


Are course prerequisites for the Nursing program prerequisites supposed to be evaluated and appear on my SCC transcript? 

Yes.  If the prerequisites are not evaluated, students will not be able to register for the Nursing program prerequisites using Self-Service. The student will have to meet with an advisor to show that they have met the prerequisites for those courses and will have their registration entered manually each semester.


Can I receive credit for HLH 134 if I provide proof of my current CNA license?

Yes.  Students need to submit proof with transcript evaluation form.  The student will need to pay the tuition according to the tuition rates in effect at the time of payment.


Scientific Glass Technology

Do I need to be college level in math and English to apply to the SGT program?

No.  But for the SGT program, you must complete ENG 098 (if required), place in ENG 101, have successfully transferred in ENG 101, or received a 540 or above on the Critical Reading portion of the SAT within the past 3 years. Additionally you must have completed MAT 093 or have placed above this level on the Accuplacer exam, received a 530 or above in the math portion of the SAT with the past three years or successfully transferred in a college-level math course.


Nuclear Energy Technology

If I am a NET major, can I attend on a part-time basis?

Yes.  NET students are to follow the course sequence for the program and must complete all first- and second-semester courses before being eligible for NET 200 in the summer.


Is there an entrance exam for NET?

Yes.  It is called the CAPS test.


When do I qualify for NET 200?

After all first and second semester courses are completed.


Allied Health Programs

Is it the student’s responsibility to learn about the requirements for the Allied Health 1+1 programs with other colleges from the target transfer institutions?

Yes.  However, advisors do have resources available.



Will an SCO course count as an open elective and transfer to a four-year institution?

A 3-credit SCO course may count as an open elective for graduation from SCC. However, it may not be accepted by your transfer institution. It’s best to contact your transfer institution for that information.


How can I have my placement scores or SCC transcript sent to another institution?

Students must complete the Placement Test Score Request Form and submit it to Student Accounts along with the $5 fee to have Accuplacer scores sent to another institution. Students can request transcripts online at www.getmytranscript.comthrough the National Student Clearinghouse. Visit www.salemcc.edu/academics/transcript-request for current fee options.


Can I transfer or use developmental course work at another institution for appropriate course placement at SCC?

No.  Developmental courses are not considered for transfer to SCC. Students may provide any of the following to determine placement, or they will need to take the Accuplacer Exam at SCC:

  • Accuplacer scores within the past 3 years,
  • SAT scores within the past 3 years,
  • CLEP scores for Math and/or English,
  • AP scores for Math and/or English,
  • or an official transcript showing college-level Math or English.


Can I transfer a course to SCC in which I earned a D grade?

No.  Any student enrolled in a program other than Nursing (LPN or ADN) may transfer eligible courses with a grade of C or higher (C- will not be accepted). Students planning to apply to the LPN or ADN program must have earned a C+ or higher in any pre-requisite course for these programs.


How many transfer credits will SCC accept?

Up to 45 credits.


How many credits can I receive for CLEP or AP? 

Up to 15 credits.


Can I receive more than one degree in the same semester?

Yes.  Students must complete a minimum of 15 program-specific credits in one degree program that are different from the second degree program and complete all general education and program requirements for each degree. Students wanting to earn a degree and a certificate must complete all program requirements for each degree and certificate and meet general education requirements for each degree and certificate. Students seeking to earn more than one certificate at Salem Community College must complete a minimum of six program-specific credits in one certificate program that are different from the second certificate program and meet all general education and program requirements for each certificate. 



When is it necessary to complete the Change of Information Form?

The Change of Information Form needs to be completed if a student has not been enrolled for more than one semester. 


When is it necessary to complete the Declaration of Major Form?

The Declaration of Major form is completed by all prospective students when they apply to the college. Returning students will only complete the form if they are changing majors.  


When is it necessary to complete the Request for Override of Prerequisite(s) Form?

The Request for Override of Prerequisite(s) Form needs to be completed if a student proves to have met prerequisites for a course through previous college-level coursework that did not transfer to SCC or when other coursework taken at SCC has adequately prepared the student for a specific course. Students should see their faculty advisor to complete this form. A copy of the transcript should be attached to the form if the pre-requisite was met through courses taken at another institution or other relevant experience. The override form must be signed by the faculty member, approved by an Academic Coordinator or the Dean of Academic Affairs and received by Student Affairs before the student will be allowed to register for the course. Academic Affairs will contact students about the outcome of their request.


When is it necessary to complete the Course Override Form for Non-Matriculated Students?

The Course Override Form for Non-Matriculated Students is completed by students who are only planning to take a limited number of courses at SCC and are not planning to follow a program of study here.  This form will expedite the registration process by not requiring an official transcript evaluation.  The prerequisite(s) must be noted on the form and an unofficial transcript must be attached.  Students using this form will need to register in person at Student Affairs for the listed course.


I want to withdraw from a course, but it is an online course and an adjunct instructor teaches the course.  Does the instructor have to sign off on the form?

The signature of the faculty member or a copy of an email communication from the faculty member giving the last date of the student’s attendance is required to process a withdrawal form.


Once a student submits a Transcript Credit Evaluation Request Form, will a student be notified once courses have been evaluated? 

No.  The student is responsible for checking the student portal to see which courses have been transferred.

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