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What is a chargeback?

All county colleges are in part supported by county taxes which automatically subsidize education for their county residents. Students who wish to attend an out-of-county college may be subject to increased, out-of-county tuition rates. Under provisions of the "Chargeback Assistance Law" (Chapter 179, Public Laws of New Jersey, 1968; N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-23), out-of-county students may be eligible to receive a Chargeback Approval and receive the benefits of in-county tuition rates for the college they attend. A Chargeback Approval is determined by enrollment in academic programs or for non-matriculated student’s credit courses which are not offered at their home county college. In addition, college level proficiency in English, Reading and Math may be required. A Chargeback Refusal is processed when the stipulations (above) are not met. However, a Denial due to not meeting your COUNTY deadline will not be accepted and the surcharge will apply to your account.

Out-of-County Residents Chargeback

Salem County Residents Chargeback

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Fall Semester - September 30th

Spring Semester - January 31st

Summer Semester - July 31st


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