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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EOF?

EOF stands for the Educational Opportunity Fund. It is a New Jersey state-funded program offering academic, financial and counseling support services to students who meet the selective criteria set forth by New Jersey Higher Education.  42 of New Jersey's community colleges and public and private four-year colleges and universities participate in the EOF Program.


What kind of support does the EOF program provide?

The EOF offers an array of student and academic services. Services include academic advisement, academic planning, major selection, career development and personal development and leadership workshops.


How and when can I enroll?

A student interested in the EOF program must have completed an admissions application and have been accepted by SCC. The student must contact the EOF office to fill out an EOF application. If the student meets the pre-qualifications, an interview will be scheduled to assess if the student is a candidate for the program.

*** Since there is limited space available for this program, interested students are advised to complete an EOF application as soon as possible.***


Does EOF pay my entire cost for college?

The EOF grant is a state grant which supplements your total financial aid package.


Does this money have to be paid back? Does a student have to apply every year for the program?

The EOF grant is awarded to students by the state of NJ; it is not required to be paid back. Students must complete the FAFSA application each year by the June 1st deadline to remain eligible. Students may receive up to six semesters of EOF funding.


Why do I have to have an interview?

EOF is not an entitlement program and there are requirements that must be met if you are to be accepted. The interview helps EOF determine whether you meet the state income requirements and also assists us in determining your motivation and potential to succeed in college.


Can I receive an EOF grant and Financial Aid?

The EOF grant is a form of financial aid. Your eligibility for this grant and other aid is determined based upon the income information you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many students who receive EOF grants also receive the Federal Pell Grant and a NJ Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).


Is this a program for single parents and minority students?

This is a program for students with a history of low income and no previous college experience. You do not have to be a parent or a member of a minority group. We make awards strictly based upon state economic and poverty guidelines and the potential to succeed.


What are the requirements to maintain my EOF eligibility?

You must meet with your assigned counselor at least twice a month, attend workshops offered each semester and maintain a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average. You must maintain full-time status, comply with academic mandates and attend tutoring sessions, if so advised.


When does the summer program start? How long does it last?

The EOF summer program begins about the last week of June and continues for five weeks. Classes are held Monday thru Thursday. The students will work intensively for this period of time in Reading, Math, and Writing. Students will also attend orientation, tutoring and register for the Fall semester during this time.


How will the EOF summer program help me?

The summer program provides a head start on getting to know the campus, administration and faculty members. During the summer program students bond with other EOF and non EOF colleagues, thus, making the transition smoother upon the arrival of the Fall semester.