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Parking Regulations

Salem Community College is concerned about the safety and welfare of its students, faculty and staff, and seeks to provide a safe and secure environment. In addition to the procedures detailed in this handbook, the College Board of Trustees has developed a series of policies to help protect persons while they are on College property. Copies of the policies are available in the Public Relations Office, Room TIL 210 of Tillis Hall. All College personnel assist in promoting campus safety. Public Safety Officers are on campus during hours of instruction and are available for safety escorts at any time. Students requiring an escort should contact Public Safety at 351-2911 or pick up any red phone. 


Parking Permits

All vehicles, including motorcycles, operated on SCC property must properly display a valid green parking permit.  The permit is displayed on the outside of the rear window in the lower left corner as illustrated on peel off portion on the back of the permit. Decals for motorcycles/mopeds may be displayed anywhere on the vehicle as long as it is clearly visible (the right front fork is suggested). Parking decals expire annually each August 31st. A current vehicle registration must be presented before you can receive your permit. Permits are available at no charge from the Department of Public Safety, Room TIL 112 of Tillis Hall. Temporary permits are available through Public Safety and can be picked up at any time at TIL 112.


Traffic Regulations


  • All vehicles must be legally parked in a designated parking spot.
  • For the purposes of these regulations, parking is defined as stationing a vehicle, with or without a driver in attendance, and irrespective of the period such a vehicle is stationed.
  • There is no parking: along the driveway on the Klinke Green, in front of Davidow Hall, on the grass, in a fire lane or, in any other location not designated as a parking space.
  • Students are not permitted to park in the employee parking area located in the rear of the campus between the golf course and Contini, Tillis and Donaghay Halls. Visitor’s parking spaces are for visitors only. (See Handicapped Parking)
  • The College in no way guarantees that a parking space convenient to the individual will be provided. The responsibility for finding a parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. An inability to locate a convenient legal parking space is not an acceptable excuse for violation of these regulations. Parking is always available on Lot A.
  • Only vehicles bearing valid handicapped license plates or placards (as issued by the motor vehicle commission or municipality) are permitted to park in designated handicapped parking spaces. The handicapped driver or passenger must provide proper identification (as issued by the MVC) upon request by any Public Safety Officer. (See Handicapped Parking)
  • The operator of the vehicle will yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times in parking lots and campus roadways.
  • Operators shall obey signs and the posted speed limit of 10 miles per hour at all times.
  • All state and municipal laws and ordinances governing movement, operation and parking of vehicles shall apply on College property.
  • Individuals who commit violations of ordinances or who commit offenses on College property or at College functions will be prosecuted.



Please refer to the campus map in your Student Handbook. Vehicles parked in violation of College regulations will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Failure to pay parking tickets will result in the holding of the student’s account and referral to a collections agency. Repeat offenders and scofflaws will forfeit their privilege of parking on College property and will have their vehicles towed at their own expense. (See parking violations section below.) Members of the College community are urged not to park on side streets near the campus. Parking is prohibited on Hollywood Avenue. Violators will be ticketed by Carneys Point Police.


Parking Violations


  • V1 - Failure to display permit - $25
  • V2 - Occupying more than one space - $25
  • V3 - Parking in a fire/emergency zone - $50
  • V4 - Parking in visitors or reserved space - $25
  • V5 - Parking in a non-designated area - $25
  • V6 - Blocking access or impeding traffic flow - $25
  • V7 - Parking in handicapped space without proper permit - $25
  • V8 - Parking in employee area without proper permit - $25
  • V9 - Littering
    First Offense - $25
    Second Offense - $50
    Third Offense - $75
  • V10 - Smoking/using tobacco on College property
    First Offense - $25
    Second Offense - $50
    Third Offense - $75



Parking Hazards

At times, cars have been hit by stray golf balls from the adjoining golf course. Salem Community College is not responsible for any damage to cars parked in the College lots or for violations ticketed by the Carneys Point police. Parking is at the driver's own risk. All incidents of damage to property are investigated by Public Safety or law enforcement.


Handicapped Parking

It is the policy of Salem Community College that handicapped parking is available to anyone who has been lawfully issued a handicapped permit or plates wherever that parking space’s location may be on campus. The closest available space to the student’s or employee’s destination is to be used, regardless of whether it may be located in visitor or employee designated parking areas. Public Safety Officers have the right to challenge anyone parking in any designated handicapped parking space for handicapped identification as authorized under N.J.S.A 39:4-138.