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Responsibilities of Student, Faculty, and Disability Support Office

Responsibilities of the Student

Students are required to be active participants in the relationship with the Office of Disability Support Services. Specifically, students are expected to:

  • Self-disclose the disability to the Disability Support Coordinator;
  • Provide current documentation certifying the disability and the need for accommodations in accordance with the criteria and standards outlined by the Office of Disability Support Services;
  • Follow through on the student’s role in making sure accommodations are implemented;
  • Notify individual faculty members of the accommodation plan;
  • Request accommodations for all outside the classroom tests including but not limited to, certification or licensing tests;  tests to quality for admission into designated SCC programs; entrance tests; and/or credit granting exams.
  • Discuss with each instructor the best way to implement the accommodation plan in his/her class;
  • Arrange planning meetings each semester with the Disability Support Coordinator when notified;
  • Develop the self-advocacy skills to self-disclose or to inform faculty members of a disability; and
  • Notify the Disability Support Coordinator of any problems in the implementation of accommodations or requests to change accommodations.


Responsibilities of the Faculty

Faculty play an important role in the accommodation plans of a student. To ensure that students are receiving maximum benefit from their accommodation plans and that all legal requirements are being met, faculty members are expected to:

  • Familiarize themselves with a student’s accommodation plan when received;
  • Discuss with the student how the accommodations will be executed in the class;
  • Implement the accommodations as specified in the plan;
  • Seek assistance from the Disability Support Coordinator should questions, concerns or problems arise;
  • Maintain confidentiality in all matters related to students with disabilities or their accommodation plans;
  • Ensure that any documentation received is stored in a secure and protected manner; and
  • Make students aware of Disability Support Services who disclose a disability.


Responsibilities of the Disability Support Office

  • Send out student 504 Accommodation Plans to faculty as a courtesy on a semester by semester basis;
  • Develop 504 plans in partnership with the student using documentation and interview notes;
  • Arbitrate issues with the faculty for the implementation of accommodations if a question or concern arises;
  • Ensure all requests for accommodations agreed upon by the student and the Disability Support Coordinator within the classroom or outside the classroom as described in the student responsibility section are implemented.