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Save Thousands!

Start at Salem Community College for huge savings on the cost of your 4-year degree!

Tuition cost for a Bachelor's starting at Salem Community College: $38,800

Tuition cost for a Bachelor's starting at Rowan: $56,800

Saving by starting at Salem Community College: $17,200

*Course-specific fee excluded from comparison

*Rowan rate of $7,000 per semester for FT students (12 or more credits)

Students that start at Salem Community College can pay for nearly two and a half semesters at a 4-year institution with their savings!


Paying for College

Our dedicated and friendly staff will help you find the right fit to finance your education! Salem Community College offers many options and opportunities, such as:

  • Federal student aid
  • State grant funds
  • Student loans
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Flexible payment plans


As a fully accredited institution, Salem Community College is eligible to award federal aid to students who qualify. Students who start with us spend less aid in their first two years, potentially making their aid go further!

Many state grants are also available, such as the new Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG). Only community colleges can award CCOG funding to students!

Federal and private loans are available to students to help finance their education. By saving tuition at Salem Community College, you can drastically reduce your student loan debt! Many students are able to avoid loan debt all together!

Many scholarships are awarded by the SCC Foundation to students after their first semester!

For students that do not qualify for aid, Salem Community College offers the option to spread the cost of tuition over multiple payments through payment plans.

Contact our financial aid staff today to find out more!