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Forms and Resources

Listed below are many forms and resources that you may need during your college career in EOF. Please look under the category that best represents your current college status. If you need assistance, please contact a member of the EOF staff or email eof@salemcc.edu.


Important EOF Forms:


Helpful Links


Summer Bridge Program:

Freshman who have been accepted into EOF attend the Summer Bridge Program prior to their first fall semester. The program includes a free orientation that offers students an opportunity to meet EOF staff and SCC faculty, review EOF rules and regulations, and become familiar with the campus. It also provides students with the support needed to have a successful academic and social transition, as well as prepare students for the demands and rewards of college.

During this orientation, students examine the meaning of success and focus on concrete ways to achieve personal success. Topics include academic excellence, conflict resolution, study skills, time management, writing skills and test-taking strategies.

The 2021/2022 Summer Bridge Program will run from August 23rd to September 3rd 2021, (9AM - 1PM) not including weekends. For additional information, please contact the EOF Office.


EOF Application Process:

  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete an EOF Application
  • Download and print the Verification Worksheet form
  • Please provide proof of income (IRS 1040 form, Social Security Benefits statement, Disability Benefits statement, Unemployment benefits statement, Public Assistance benefits - AFDC, Child Support from the previous year for both parent and student. All EOF applicants are required to submit the required IRS Income Tax Transcript documents for parents and students; if you and/or your parents filed income taxes. You can access information to request these documents here.
  • attend counseling sessions as determined by their advisor
  • Follow the policies of the EOF Program and the College as outlined in the EOF Handbook and the Student Handbook


For more information about EOF please visit the NJ state EOF information page: https://www.state.nj.us/highereducation/EOF/EOF_Eligibility.shtml