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2020 Academic Excellence Awards honor four educators

2020 Academic Excellence Awards honor four educators
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Salem Community College has honored Associate Professor of Nursing Catherine MacMillan, and part-time faculty Andrea Bukay, Teresa C. Haney and Lauren B. Schwartz with 2020 Academic Excellence Awards.

“We commend our recipients for going above and beyond the call of duty in interacting positively with students and colleagues, and creating a climate conducive for learning,” said Dean of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer Ken Robell, during the virtual awards ceremony.

Added Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Maura Cavanagh Dick, “Cathy, Andrea, Teresa and Lauren are four wonderful examples of the high-quality and caring faculty at Salem Community College.”


Full-time faculty honoree

Highly regarded as a premier nurse educator, Catherine MacMillan is a valued member in both the Associate Degree and Practical Nursing programs.

A National League of Nursing certified nurse educator, Cathy is committed to student success, cares about her students and works hard at retaining them. She employs active learning strategies and successfully engages all her students in the classroom.

“As a team member, Cathy provides guidance and mentorship to fellow faculty members,” wrote one nominator. “Nothing is too much trouble. Her peers report she is always willing to help and promptly responds to anything asked of her. Cathy is currently mentoring a new faculty member.”


Part-time faculty honorees

Andrea Bukay teaches an array of classes for the art department with expertise. A nominator shared that Andrea “is an affable colleague, always willing to share a student story, offer guidance, and accept feedback. Her strong and steady approach to teaching is a positive influence throughout the department.”

Bukay clearly and concisely informs students of learning objectives and course expectations, and firmly holds them accountable.

“However,” the nominator wrote, “Andrea has found the balance of firmness and compassion. Her camaraderie with the students was never more evident than in the color theory class via Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak. Andrea’s wonderful interaction with them was truly heartfelt. Outside of class, she devotes extra time to ensure her classes are prepared for both in-person and online learning. Andrea is a core part of the art program.”

Science instructor Teresa C. Haney is praised for her tireless commitment. A nominator pointed out that Haney is always considering how to make her microbiology course a successful experience for her students and devotes long hours to prepare for each class and lab.

“During the COVID crisis, Teresa has gone above and beyond to help students succeed. She has moved her course online, which is no small feat, and is planning two fully online sections for the summer,” wrote a nominator.

Another nominator praised Haney “for going above and beyond to support students and find creative ways to limit instructional expenses. Students appreciate her availability during non-class hours to help them understand course material. She is a very good and faithful employee.”


Lauren B. Schwartz is an instructional aide in the Academic Support Lab (ASL) and teaches humanities and English courses.

Thanks to Schwartz’s coordination, the ASL seamlessly moved to an online format in mid-March due to the pandemic. The lab was critical to students’ ability to cope and succeed with the transition. “Lauren played an instrumental role in making sure that the ASL continued the excellent support students have come to depend on,” wrote the nominator.

Schwartz’s nominator also saw firsthand her work with the disability support population this year -- especially during the switch to the online format. “She demonstrated flexibility, kindness and support without compromising her expectations,” the nominator pointed out.


Caption: The following SCC employees were honored with 2020 Academic Excellence Awards. Clockwise from top left: Cathy MacMillan, Andrea Bukay, Lauren B Schwartz and Teresa C. Haney.