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Chemours STEM enrichment grants to support Salem County schools

Chemours STEM enrichment grants to support Salem County schools
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Chemours STEM grants to support Salem County schools


Science and math education in Salem County has received a major boost thanks to the generosity of the Chemours Company.

At the 31st Annual Salem County Science Fair at Salem Community College on March 11, Chemours’ Chambers Works Site Manager Kristine Wellman announced Chemours Vibrant Communities Grants totaling $275,000. The five-year grants will help Salem County schools achieve Next Generation Science Standards and enrich STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.

“We are honored to support Salem County educators and students in their important mission of achieving Next Generation Science Standards and growth in STEM education,” said Wellman. “Chambers Works has been a proud member of the Salem County community for more than 100 years and we are grateful for the opportunity to support our neighbors.”

An annual $25,000 grant will support science opportunities such as the annual Science Fair, Agricultural Science Day, Kids Inquiry Conference, and the Middle and High School Academic League, impacting 5,600 students.

An additional $30,000 will annually provide hands-on, environmental science experiences in all Salem County districts to bring educators, students and Chemours employees together in face-to-face, real-life science, math and engineering interactions.

“Chemours’ grants will enhance the dynamic partnership that the Chambers Works site has enjoyed with Salem County’s schools and Salem Community College,” said SCC President Dr. Michael R. Gorman.

Salem County Partners in Science Coordinator Nancy Anderson expressed her appreciation on behalf of her classroom colleagues. “Salem County educators are excited to partner with Chemours through the Chemours’ Vibrant Communities Grants,” said Anderson. “We are grateful for this partnership benefiting all the county school districts and helping promote expanded STEM education opportunities for our students and teachers.”