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SCC Oak Singers make virtual performance a reality

SCC Oak Singers make virtual performance a reality
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Tuesday, September 1, 2020


The inability to meet in person hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the Salem Community College Oak Singers. In fact, the group has completed a milestone this summer: The first virtual choir project.

The Oak Singers had planned to perform "Like a Mighty Stream" for the 2020 spring concert season. The tune was also to have been the featured piece for the SCC commencement ceremony.

“When everything shut down in the middle of March due to the coronavirus, we continued to rehearse online,” said Kahlil V. Gunther, director since 2018. “When it became clear that we would not be able to return to in-person rehearsals or performances, we decided to create a virtual choir performance of ‘Like a Mighty Stream.’”

Participants (members and non-members alike) received a guide video with their part played in context with the accompaniment and other parts. “I directed them in the video, so it was as close to possible like singing in a real performance,” he said. “They recorded their singing while watching my guide video of me conducting with my audio in their headphones.” Gunther edited the audio and video over two weeks in early August.

Watch “Like a Mighty Stream” at https://youtu.be/n-f-IVNpky8. Click the gear icon and choose 1080p for video quality.

The Oak Singers’ next endeavor is a virtual holiday concert. Those interested in participating should visit oaksingers.org to complete the contact form. “Singers can be from out of the area and still be a part of our group, at least for the next few months,” Gunther said.

Caption: The Salem Community College Oak Singers, under the direction of Kahlil V. Gunther, produced a virtual performance of “Life a Mighty Stream” Watch it on YouTube.