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Sisters support each other in nursing careers

Sisters support each other in nursing careers
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Morgan Morris is following in her sister Anissa’s footsteps in the Salem Community College nursing program.

After Morgan earned a Practical Nursing certificate in May, she was admitted into the associate degree in nursing program.

Anissa, a registered nurse, works the night shift on the telemetry floor at Salem Medical Center. She graduated from SCC’s associate degree program in 2018.

The sisters enrolled at SCC after graduating from Penns Grove High School.

“Anissa was a big reason why I decided to pursue nursing,” said Morgan. “I witnessed her going through nursing school and becoming a nurse of honor. It inspired me and made me realize how amazing the profession must be, so I went for it. She is an amazing nurse and I hope to adopt those qualities.”

Anissa couldn’t be happier. “Morgan following in my footsteps is so exciting,” she said. “I love it. I hope that I can continue to share my knowledge and someday maybe we can even work together.”

For Morgan, the pandemic hasn’t changed her desire to become a nurse. “I am eager and excited to start my career,” she said. “I cannot wait to be a nurse, pandemic or not.”

“Knowing that I will ultimately be helping people at some of their weakest moments motivates me,” continued Morgan, who plans to continue for a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “I hope to be a light at a difficult time.”

Morgan’s advice to those considering a healthcare career: “Patients will change your life and it is hard work. Stay committed; you can do anything.”

Anissa shared these forthright words of wisdom to Morgan and other future healthcare workers: “My advice is to be genuine and always give it your all.”

At the Salem Medical Center, Anissa said she cares and advocates for all non-ICU patients, varying from telemetry, med-surg and post-op. She handles patient assessments, medication administrations, wound care, documentation and other essential care.

Little did Anissa know that two years after earning her associate degree in nursing that she would be serving her community during the coronavirus pandemic. “During COVID-19, I am experiencing more than I anticipated almost two years into my nursing career, but I am doing my best, while keeping myself as safe as possible.”

As Anissa works with COVID-19 and COVID-19 rule-out patients, her commitment is rock-solid. “I love what I do,” said Anissa, who also earned a practical nursing certificate and a degree in health science from SCC. “During a time like this, there is enough motivation in just knowing I can make a difference.”

Anissa remains both hopeful for better days and grateful for her co-workers. “I know that there will be an end to this,” she said. “I’m doing the best I can with amazing coworkers, and a great support system.”

This spring, Anissa and fellow graduates and students were spotlighted as unsung heroes on SCC’s social media channels. Anissa’s nominator, a fellow healthcare worker, wrote that “she may not have as much experience as the other nurses, but she has stepped up to treat and care for these people in need. She is an unsung hero because she goes to work every day knowing she could be putting herself at risk but insists she would rather save the lives of others.”

Determined to make a difference, Anissa is also grateful that someone took the time to nominate her as an unsung hero. “I feel very appreciated, especially being nominated by someone who is also an unsung hero,” she said.


Caption: Morgan Morris (left) is following in her sister Anissa's footsteps in pursuing a nursing career at Salem Community College.