Think Different

Several years ago, Steve Jobs, the genius of Apple, broadcast a short video titled “Think Different.” While the Jobs version is genuine, the Ashton Kutcher rendition in the movie Jobs is quite moving and complimented by some intriguing film footage. Just insert Think Different in your search engine, and likely the YouTube edition will emerge. Take two minutes to watch the clip and allow it to change how you think.

Grammatik purists will insist that the expression should be Think Differently. Jobs insists on Think Different, and other than his belief that such a linguistic nuance will alter your neural pathways, you can be comfortable with either expression.

The pandemic has been horrible. We have lost 600,000 citizens to the dreaded coronavirus. Our economic structure was radically shaken. Everything, our very daily existence, was altered with COVID-19. Crises such as this offer an opportunity to learn as well. Emerging from the pandemic, we have a new skill set we can integrate into our daily lives.

Here at your Salem Community College, we have learned a great deal about using remote or virtual methodologies to deliver instruction, and hold meetings, workshops, and conferences. Personally, I have been able to attend many meetings from the comfort of my desk and saved the time and gas money that travel to Rutgers, or some other destination, would normally require. These new skills will be applied to all of our delivery and interactive systems as we move into the post-pandemic era. We will have the opportunity to Think Different.

Perhaps a more concrete example of our drive to Think Different is the Jubilee program. Realizing that the pandemic has put a serious economic strain on many students, we are using some of our Federal resources to alleviate the tuition burden that may be inhibiting students from re-enrolling. We are here to change lives, and this is an opportunity for us to change lives.

Don’t take anything for granted as we enter the post-pandemic world. Take the time to actually ask someone how they are doing, and wait for an answer. Visit with the elderly. You may be their only connection to the world. Have lunch with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Connect.

Life is filled with opportunities often disguised as challenges. Take the time to Think Different. How you think will determine how you act.