Tuition and Fees for 2022-2023

No one is eager for tuition increases; no one likes budget cuts. These are facts of which I am certain. In the college world, there are only three ways of managing the budget:  reduce expenses, increase supplemental aid (State and Federal), or raise tuition. Our formula for a balanced budget is very succinct, with few options. In order to make our budget work for the upcoming academic year 2022 – 2023 (also known as Fiscal Year ’23 or FY 23), we have to reconcile our revenues as we have cut back on all other aspects of the College in previous years.

Over time we have made some extraordinary budget reductions. Each with the intention of holding the line on spending in order to have a balanced budget. Recently, we have been looking to keep tuition increases no greater than 2.5% annually on average. This year we have more significant budget concerns. Inflation has wreaked havoc upon everyone’s budget planning process. We are no exception. As a result, we anticipate raising tuition and fees on average 6% across the board. In real numbers, this brings our per credit tuition to $199 for Salem County residents. Please note the only fees we have are for materials in select programs such as glass, nursing, art, sciences. Unlike most colleges, we do not have assorted fees attached to each credit, only those that are related to materials.

Inflation is projected to be upwards of 7%. Your Salem Community College is doing everything possible in managing our expenses. We will remain the Affordable, Quality, Empowering, and Personalized educational opportunity. Below is the Tuition Grid the Board of Trustees approved at their February 17th meeting.

  FY2023 FY2022
In County $199 $190
Out of County $231 $218
DE $267 $250
Out of State/International $320 $302