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Student Complaints & Conflict Resolutions

In the event a student has a dispute over an assigned course grade or course practice, the Conflict Resolution process as outlined below must be followed:


Level 1

Submit a Student Grievance Tracking Form.

Request a meeting with the instructor within four weeks of the event occurrence.

Complaints brought forth after the designated timeframe will be dismissed.

Discuss the issue with the instructor. If the matter is resolved, the process ends and there is no need to proceed further.

If the issue is not resolved, if the instructor is no longer working at the College, or the student is requesting to bypass the informal meeting, the student may request to proceed to level 2. Please complete the Student Grievance Tracking Form and select the check box at the bottom of the form requesting to NOT schedule an informal meeting. Please note that you will need to explain why you cannot have an informal meeting.

Discuss all evidence related to unresolved issue. A completed Conflict Resolution Form documenting the previous discussion with the faculty member is required.


Level 2

If the issue is not resolved, the student may appeal to level two, within two weeks of the level 1 meeting with the employee. Please have ready any documentation that you may have from the informal meeting (level1). Appointments are usually scheduled within one week. Please continue to check your student email. If you would like to check status of your grievance, you may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 856.351.2670.

At this meeting, discuss all evidence related to the unresolved issue.


Level 3

If the issue is still not resolved, the student may request a meeting with the Chief Academic Officer within one week after the level 2 formal meeting. The student must provide a complete Student Grievance Form indicating prior meetings and/or discussions with the instructor and the appropriate Division Supervisor and any other necessary documentation to the Office of Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer will schedule a meeting with the student within one month of receiving the student's request, review all relevant facts and render a final decision.

You can request this level 3 meeting by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs at 856.351.2670.


Failure to follow this process as outlined will result in the dismissal of your complaint.