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Salem Community College is proud to announce the launch of EMSI'sCareer Coach. This platform delivers career and academic program information to our current and potential students as well as the extended community including parents and our partners in the County’s schools.


Career Coach features:

  • Anyone can use the site without creating an account.Creating an account using any email address allows the user to create a profile, conduct and save career assessments, browse and save careers and academic programs, manage a resume, and apply to job postings.
  • Users have the option of taking either a 6-question or 60-questions assessment.Users have the option of downloading the assessment as a PDF or save the assessment to their account. Career Coach also suggests careers and programs based on the user's assessment.
  • Users can browse careers and occupations organized in clusters scored in relation to their assessment.Each career in turn includes salary information and education requirements.
  • Clicking on the career provides additional salary information, job openings, and associated academic programs offered by the College.This also includes an idea of the responsibilities of the occupation, wages, expected education levels, employment outlook, commonly requested skills, and live job postings from the region.
  • Clicking on program info takes you to Salem Community College's associated academic programs on our website.
  • All location-informed information is filtered based on the College’s service area.The default comprises counties adjacent to Salem County including New Castle, Gloucester, and Cumberland.The user also has the option to filter to Salem County only or the eleven county region encompassing Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Castle counties as well as all of Southern New Jersey below and including Burlington.
  • Users can create, save, and export a form-based resume to Microsoft Word.The user can additionally maintain up to 6 different resumes and use those to apply to jobs posted on the site.
  • Regional and local employers can also post employment opportunities for our students and the community.Employers and their jobs must be approved by the College prior to posting.


Explore Career Coach - careers, salaries, and local opportunities