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Specialty Support

Science Open Labs

Student Success Programs staff provides additional support for students enrolled in science courses by facilitating open lab sessions in Contini Hall 109. Sessions provide invaluable opportunities for students enrolled in science courses that reach far beyond ordinary tutoring.

Open labs include:


  • Sessions facilitated by a Student Success Coach with expertise in science;
  • One-on-one tutoring on a walk-in basis;
  • Collaboration between students to learn concepts, problem-solve and discover; and
  • Options to choose group study sessions or to work independently either with models, computer programs or text. 


The physical space of the Open Lab is particularly valuable for students enrolled in Human Biology, and Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II. The room is equipped with helpful study materials such as microscopes; tissue specimens; bovine and sheep organs; and models of the skeleton, muscles, heart, eye and ear.


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental instruction is also provided for the following courses, upon faculty request:


  • ENG 096 English Reading/Writing Preparation I
  • ENG 098 English Reading/Writing Preparation II
  • MAT 092 Pre-Algebra
  • MAT 093 Elementary Algebra
  • MAT 095 Intermediate Algebra
  • HLH 130 Nursing Math


Supplemental instruction sessions are a review of material previously covered in class for students who experienced difficulty in understanding or applying the lesson. When a faculty member identifies a difficult topic, he/she will contact the appropriate Student Success Coach who will schedule and prepare a session on the topic. All scheduled supplemental instruction sessions for a particular course will be announced to all sections of that course. Students may also request that a faculty member initiate the scheduling of a session.


Developmental Education Support

Salem Community College provides academic development opportunities through developmental courses for students who are not prepared to enter college-level courses. Specifically, the college provides three levels of Developmental Math (Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra) and two levels of Developmental English (English Reading/Writing Preparation I and II).


  • Are placed into developmental courses based on their scores on the College’s placement test.
  • May place into developmental courses for several reasons:
  1. not having used the skills tested over a long period of time,
  2. not having previously learned the skills tested, or
  3. displaying inconsistent skills during testing.

Placement in such courses should be viewed positively – as an opportunity to develop or strengthen the skills necessary to be successful in college.

Support from Student Success Coaches is available to students enrolled in developmental courses.

Student Success Coaches are:

  • Professionals with expertise in either math or English,
  • Specifically assigned to work with developmental course faculty members and their students,
  • Knowledgeable about the topics being taught in the class,
  • Up-to-date with student attendance and progress in the class, and
  • Proactive in reaching out to students who are experiencing difficulty in meeting the course objectives.

Coaches also facilitate supplemental instruction sessions to review difficult course content outside of class. Students may meet with a coach for tutoring or to learn more about learning and study strategies.