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Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is staffed by non-sworn, unarmed personnel who are available at all times when the College is open. Public Safety Officers are authorized to enforce College regulations including the issuance of tickets for violations of parking and tobacco regulations. Officers are authorized to identify persons on College property and detain violators pending the arrival of law enforcement. There are red emergency phones located in each building on all campuses that are clearly identified and can be used 24 hours a day. The call boxes at all instructional sites except the Carneys Point campus dial directly to 911, as do all elevator emergency phones. The emergency phones on the main campus dial direct to the Public Safety office.

All Public Safety officers attend mandatory in-service training in topics such as incident command, first aid and CPR, bloodborne pathogens as well as College safety and security issues.

The Department of Public Safety works closely with the local police departments, and relies on these relationships for support on several levels. In addition to exchanging critical information, the Department of Public Safety has immediate contact with the Carneys Point and Salem City Police Departments, the New Jersey State Police and the Salem County Communications Center. This arrangement gives us immediate access to support from the local police departments, as well as the fire and EMS agencies in those jurisdictions.