fbpx Strategic Plan | Salem Community College

Strategic Plan


Priority #1: Strategically Manage Enrollment

  • Analyze, assess and implement enrollment plans for “second chance” students.
  • Minimize or avoid student debt through affordable opportunities for Salem County constituents.
  • Offer evening and online classes while expanding tutoring and student services to meet the needs of non-

traditional and part-time students.

  • Conduct deep analysis of program data to enhance academic programs and marketing strategies.

Priority #2: Expand Educational Opportunities and Partnerships

  • Increase college opportunities through enhanced relationships with area high schools.
  • Drive partnerships with government, business, and the community to enhance and ensure the relevance of

degree and certificate programs.

  • Expand partnerships and guided pathways with 4-year institutions to offer additional programs and degrees to

SCC constituents.

Priority #3: Strengthen Business & Community Relationships

  • Create non-credit programs to maximize use of SCC facilities, provide vocational training services, and

strengthen the workforce within Salem County.

  • Partner with regional businesses to create customized training opportunities and strengthen economic


  • Expand SCC presence in the county through the strategic use of SCC facilities by community organizations.

Priority #4: Focus on College Expansion & Renewal

  • Leverage existing SCC facilities to augment student engagement through sports, performing and fine arts, and

student activities.

  • Pursue and obtain grant opportunities consistent with the college mission.
  • Conduct administrative assessment to improve quality control through the analysis of structure, practice, and