Financial Aid Policies

By submitting a Financial Aid Application you acknowledge and understand the policies of the Financial Aid Office and are aware that eligibility for aid is dependent on adherence to these policies. If intentional false statements or misrepresentation of information are made, you may be subject to a fine, imprisonment or both under provisions of the U.S. Criminal Code.

Financial Aid Policies

Before you submit an SCC Financial Aid Application (STEP 2), please be sure that you have completed your FAFSA application (STEP 1). If you have completed your FAFSA, proceed to step 2.


  • Complete the FAFSA application


Before applying please read the following:

  • I understand that communications from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to me by e-mail.
  • I understand that I can visit to view my financial aid status, award letter, and student account statement.
  • I understand that applying for financial aid does not remove my responsibility for payment of any charges I may incur.  If I do not receive financial aid for any reason, I must pay any outstanding balances.
  • I understand that the receiving of financial aid remains conditional until all paperwork requested is submitted and the reported information is verified to be correct as required by federal regulations.
  • I understand that financial aid is subject to adjustment or cancellation for reasons including, but not limited to:
    • Change in family circumstances,
    • Complete withdraw or non-attendance,
    • Incorrect information reported,
    • Changes in enrollment status,
    • Annual and lifetime eligibility limits,
    • Failure to respond to requests for additional information, and/or
    • Defaulted student loans.
  • I understand that if my aid has been adjusted or cancelled, I am responsible for any unpaid balance.
  • I understand that the Financial Aid Office may release information regarding my allocation and awards to other agencies which may provide financial assistance to me.
  • I understand that in order to remain eligible for financial aid, I must be making satisfactory academic progress toward my certificate or degree. A copy of the satisfactory academic progress policy is available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • I understand that if I must stop attending classes, for any reason, it is my responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office and complete the College’s withdrawal form.  Furthermore, I will have to pay any balance due if my financial aid must be adjusted.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if I have a change in my enrollment status. I further understand that financial aid will not pay for a repeated course more than once after a passing grade has been given.