Biology Chemistry Preprofessional

Associate in Science

Interested in a career in the medical, dentistry, physical therapy or veterinary fields? Our program is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the biological and physical sciences, as well as sound knowledge of mathematics, genetics and microbiology. Graduating students will be well prepared for entry into a corresponding program at a 4-year institution.

Our Pre-Professional option prepares you for advanced studies at a 4-year institution. Students who obtain an Associate’s Degree may pursue careers such as, but not limited to, medical assistants, dental assistants, phlebotomists or pharmacy technicians.

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    "The professors and staff go out of their way to make the application, class selection and continuing education process as easy as possible."

    -- Brandon Hopkins, graduating class of 2019

    Students have successfully transferred to:

    • Arcadia University
    • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
    • Rowan University
    • Rutgers University - New Brunswick

    Students who complete the Biology/Chemistry, Associate of Science program who go on to earn a bachelor degree may find employment in occupations such as:

    • Natural Sciences Managers
    • Clinical Research Coordinators
    • Chemical Engineers
    • Biochemical Engineers
    • Food Scientists and Technologists
    • Soil and Plant Scientists
    • Biochemists and Biophysicists
    • Chemists
    • Materials Scientists
    • Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health
    • Chemical Technicians
    • Geological Sample Test Technicians
    • Forensic Science Technicians
    • Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary
    • Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
    • Museum Technicians and Conservators
    Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
    BIO101General Biology I4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    CHM101College Chemistry I4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    ENG101English Composition I3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    HUM/SOC-ELECHumanities/Social Science Elective3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    Subtotal: $2,936.00*
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
    BIO102General Biology II4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    CHM102College Chemistry II4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    ENG102English Composition II3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    ETH200Ethics in the Modern World3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    PSY101General Psychology3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
    CHM201Organic Chemistry I4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    ENG202Introduction to Speech Communication3$0.00$570.00$570.00
    MAT231Calculus I4$0.00$760.00$760.00
    PHY101Physics I4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
    CHM205Organic Chemistry II4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    PHY102Physics II4$132.00$760.00$892.00
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    Total Program Cost: $12,480.00*

    * - Tuition is based on the current in-county rate.
    ** - Elective tuition and fees may vary depending upon actual course selection.