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Business Administration AS Supply Chain Management

Associate in Science


Business Administration Supply Chain Management

Businesses are constantly trying to cut expenses, improve relationships and find efficiency. Want to be a part of the team that makes that happen? If so, our Supply Chain Management option is for you! Designed around logistics and distribution, our program provides skills for careers in procurement, transportation, warehousing and manufacturing. Students will attain a comprehensive understanding of basic business law, management and leading-edge technology.

Our Supply Chain Management option prepares students for entry-level positions in procurement, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and sales. Graduates of the program may also continue to advance their studies at a 4-year institution.







Students have successfully transferred to:

  • Rowan University
  • Rutgers University
  • The College of New Jersey
  • Widener University
  • Wilmington University

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Students who complete the Business Administration - Supply Chain Management, Associate of Science program and go on to earn a bachelor degree may find employment in occupations such as:

  • Purchasing Managers
  • Transportation Managers
  • Storage and Distribution Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Loss Prevention Managers
  • Logisticians
  • Logistics Engineers
  • Logistics Analysts
  • Data Warehousing Specialists
  • Radio Frequency Identification Device Specialists
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Management Analysts

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First Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
ACC131Principles of Accounting I3$0.00$555.00$555.00
BUS102Introduction to Business3$0.00$555.00$555.00
ENG101English Composition I3$0.00$555.00$555.00
TECH-ELECTechnical Competency Elective3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Second Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
ACC132Principles of Accounting II3$0.00$555.00$555.00
BUS103Principles of Management3$0.00$555.00$555.00
ENG102English Composition II3$0.00$555.00$555.00
MAT231Calculus I4$0.00$740.00$740.00
SCM101Introduction to Supply Chain Management3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Third Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
BUS205Legal Environment of Business3$0.00$555.00$555.00
BUS212Principles of Marketing3$0.00$555.00$555.00
SCI-ELECScience Elective4$0.00$740.00$740.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Fourth Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
ENG202Introduction to Speech Communication3$0.00$555.00$555.00
SCM210Supply Chain Management3$0.00$555.00$555.00
HUM-ELECHumanities Elective3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Total Program Cost: $11,100.00*

* - Tuition is based on the current in-county rate.

** - Elective tuition and fees may vary depending upon actual course selection.