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Game Design and Development

Associate in Science


Game Design and Development

The video game industry has grown and evolved outside the realm of just entertainment. We now see applications in the military, education and healthcare. If you have a passion for gaming and want to be on the forefront of its evolution, our program is for you! Studies include graphic design, interactive design, 3D modeling and game programming. Students will learn the workflows involved in the design and development of a game, as well as creating user interfaces, environments, problem solving and ability to use game engine platforms.

Our Game Design and Development program prepares students for advanced studies or specialization at a 4-year institution. Students who obtain an Associate’s Degree may pursue careers such as, but not limited to, quality assurance testing, junior graphic designer, junior 3D generalist and junior game artist.







Jason Burden

"SCC has given me the knowledge to look at video games in a different way. With insight into the industry I have more motivation to reach my goals then ever. With the skills I have learn I feel confident in my career choice. This school has supported me through every step of the way."

-- Jason Burden, graduating class of 2020









Students have successfully transferred to:

  • Rowan University
  • Wilmington University

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Students who complete the Game Design & Development, Associate of Science program and go on to earn a bachelor degree may find employment in occupations such as:

  • Software Developers, Applications
  • Video Game Designers
  • Art Directors
  • Multimedia Artists and Animators
  • Graphic Designers


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First Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
ART101Art Appreciation3$0.00$555.00$555.00
CGA101Introduction to Computer Art3$94.50$555.00$649.50
ENG101English Composition I3$0.00$555.00$555.00
MAT137College Algebra3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Second Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
CGA110Digital Image Editing3$105.00$555.00$660.00
CGA132Digital Illustration3$105.00$555.00$660.00
CGA164Audio and Video for Game Design3$94.50$555.00$649.50
ENG102English Composition II3$0.00$555.00$555.00
MAT170Discrete Mathematics3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Third Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
CGA160Introduction to Game Engines3$105.00$555.00$660.00
CGA162Introduction to Game Programming3$94.50$555.00$649.50
HIS101 or HIS102Western Civilization I or II3$0.00$555.00$555.00
PHY101Physics I4$126.00$740.00$866.00
PSY101General Psychology3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Fourth Semester

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsFeeTuitionTotal
CGA135Introduction to 3-D Modeling Techniques3$105.00$555.00$660.00
CGA161Game Engines II3$135.00$555.00$690.00
CGA167Fundamentals of Motion Graphics3$94.50$555.00$649.50
ETH200Ethics in the Modern World3$0.00$555.00$555.00

* - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.

Total Program Cost: $12,438.50*

* - Tuition is based on the current in-county rate.

** - Elective tuition and fees may vary depending upon actual course selection.