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Stages of Return

The safety of students, employees and visitors remains at the forefront and guides every decision at your Salem Community College (SCC).

All in-person activities are rigorously monitored to comply with CDC and New Jersey public health guidelines. Everyone entering SCC buildings must wear a mask and practice social distancing. All occupied and/or actively utilized areas are subject to enhanced cleaning protocols.

Page last updated on 5/27/21.


Reported Cases

The table below shows confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the SCC community - students and employees, whether they study/work on campus or are remote. The data reflects test results we know of to date. Figures may change as we learn of results from individuals and out-of-county agencies. Due to federal patient - and student-confidentiality regulations, we cannot provide more details about the affected individuals.

Following medical protocols, we will continue to inform people in the SCC community who were in close contact with the infected individuals before and as they started showing symptoms. Although the risk of infection is low for those beyond the individuals' inner circles, we will continue to inform others and ask that they isolate themselves for up to 14 days, depending on the level of exposure.

  Latest case(s) reported 05/03/2021 Total cases since 9/1/2020
On Campus 1 5
Off Campus 0 3
Total 1 8


For further information, visit the COVID-19 Response Protocol (Appendix 3).

Health and Safety


SCC shares the following information from the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub:

New Jersey strongly discourages all non-essential interstate travel at this time.

Travelers and residents returning from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) should self-quarantine at their home, hotel, or other temporary lodging following recommendations from the CDC:

  • If travel is unavoidable, travelers should consider getting tested with a viral test (not an antibody test) 1-3 days before the trip and again 3-5 days after the trip.
  • If travelers test positive, they should self-isolate for at least 10 days and should postpone travel during that time.
  • If travelers test negative, they should quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.
  • If testing is not available (or if the results are delayed), travelers should quarantine for 10 days after travel.

To learn more about New Jersey’s travel advisory, visit New Jersey’s COVID Information Hub.  https://covid19.nj.gov/

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Steve Krough at skrough@salemcc.edu.


What are SCC’s COVID-19 health requirements? 

  • Stay home when you’re not feeling well or are sick.
  • Keep at least six feet away from others, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering in classrooms, laboratories and all common areas; a mask should be worn outdoors when a six-foot separation may not be possible.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands frequently, cover your cough and practice good personal hygiene.


What is SCC doing to ensure that campus areas are safe?

Cleaning follows CDC guidelines and meets or exceeds those required by the Governor’s Office or the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. Hand-sanitizer stations have been added, precautionary/regulatory signs have been posted and barrier systems have been installed at designated locations to reinforce proper precautionary behavior. The sharing of objects or communal property must be avoided (pens, highlighters, lab articles, office supplies, sign-in/registration sheets). The College will employ contactless operation wherever feasible (doors, kiosks, paperwork, copiers, curbside).


Who must wear a mask on campus?

Everyone (employees, students and visitors) must wear a mask covering both their mouth and nose. Information on this requirement is included in all training documents and is posted at the entrance to all buildings. If someone cannot wear a mask due to health concerns, he or she will be accommodated virtually.


Is SCC providing masks for students, faculty, staff and visitors? 

SCC maintains an adequate supply of facial masks for employees, students and visitors who arrive without proper coverings or need a replacement. However, it is expected that all persons will provide their own acceptable and compliant face covering.


If I arrive on campus without a mask, what should I do?

Remain in your vehicle and call SCC Public Safety at 856.351.2911 to request a mask be delivered to your vehicle. Note: Mask supplies are limited, and we do not guarantee availability.


What if I see someone on campus not wearing a mask?

Students should inform a College employee who will report it to Public Safety. Employees should inform their supervisor or Public Safety.


How often should I wash a cloth mask?

Cloth masks should be washed after every use. More information is available from the CDC.


How are social distancing measures being carried out?

We are minimizing the number of people on campus at any time. All congregate areas (classrooms, labs, restrooms and other public areas) have been modified, as appropriate, to ensure compliance with current regulations for social distancing. Furniture has been moved or removed, seating areas in classrooms have been designated, common areas have been closed off, office spaces are no longer shared, and restrooms have been modified to assure a minimum of six feet of distance


Will SCC offer training for students, faculty and staff on appropriate sanitization and social distancing practices and protocols, as well as institutional policies and procedures developed to limit the spread of COVID-19?

Students, faculty and staff will participate in an initial and mandatory training on screening, face covering, social distancing and hand-washing policies.

For students, training will occur no later than on the first day of classes; training will be documented and maintained electronically. Additional training may be required.

For employees, participation in training will be documented and maintained by Human Resources.

Additionally, faculty and staff will be trained in self-monitoring and contact tracing procedures (in coordination with the Salem County Dept. of Health and Human Services) as well as what to do if they feel sick.

Training literature, which will include the College’s cleaning procedures for high-touch areas, will also be distributed and made available via email and on the College’s website.


What should I do if my health condition makes me especially vulnerable to COVID-19?

Students should consult with Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management Kevin Catalfamo at kcatalfamo@salemcc.edu.

Employees should consult with Human Resources.


What should I do if/when I feel sick?

Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (including cough, fever and shortness of breath) should self-quarantine and call their healthcare provider.

Individuals who become ill while on campus must inform Public Safety and leave immediately or arrange for someone to pick them up. While waiting, they should appropriately isolate themselves from others.


Should I still get a flu shot?

By all means. The vaccine is still one of the best protections against influenza, and health protocols are designed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 for those getting a flu shot.



Student Services (Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, EOF)

How do I register for the summer or fall semesters?

New students: Apply online at www.salemcc.edu/apply and request your official high school and college transcripts to be sent to Salem Community College. Admissions staff will contact students by email to advise on their next steps.

Current students: E-mail your advisor to set up an online or phone appointment to select courses. If you do not know your advisor’s name, please login to Self-Service and select View Schedule on the Home screen. Your advisor’s name is listed at the bottom of your schedule. If your advisor is not immediately available, current students may email advising@salemcc.edu to set up an online or phone appointment.


How do I contact someone in Student Services?

Beginning April 19, Student Services will be open for walk-in service, Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  All Student Services will continue remotely. You may contact the departments listed below by email or phone:


How can I access the summer and fall course schedules?

Click here to view the summer semester course schedule. Also, you can view the summer course schedule by visiting www.salemcc.edu/summer.

Click here to view the fall semester course schedule. Also, you can view the fall course schedule by visiting www.salemcc.edu/fall.




How will summer and fall semester courses be delivered?

The summer semester will be a transition with more on-campus classes, but still plenty of online options. The fall semester will offer mostly on-campus course options similar to 2019. Flexibility is being built into the schedule so that more online classes can be added if students prefer that delivery mode.

Four types of courses will be offered:

On-campus - These classes meet regularly on-campus. Classes will observe safety guidelines in place, which could include smaller class sizes to facilitate social distancing and required mask wearing. These guidelines will be adapted for the current public health situation to protect the safety of students and staff.

Online - These online classes are conducted completely through Canvas asynchronously, meaning they have no required regular meeting times. They may have occasional live video conferences, but these will be recorded and available for students to view afterward.

Live Remote/Online - These are online classes conducted completely through Canvas, and they have regular required meeting times online (typically using Zoom). The days/times of these online meetings are reflected on the schedule.

Hybrid - These classes will meet on campus at scheduled days/times, but mostly for hands-on components such as labs. Some on-campus meetings will be replaced by online meetings. Each instructor will communicate with students when a class meeting will take place online rather than on-campus. Many lab science courses will be offer in this format.

All class types will use the Canvas Learning Management System, so all students will need access to appropriate computer technology with internet access.


How are Nursing clinical experiences being offered? 

The majority of student clinical experiences are being held at acute care facilities. Clinical hours are supplemented with clinical simulations and vaccine clinics.


How can I access the summer and fall course schedules?

Click here to view the summer semester course schedule. Also, you can view the summer course schedule by visiting www.salemcc.edu/summer.

Click here to view the fall semester course schedule. Also, you can view the fall course schedule by visiting www.salemcc.edu/fall.


Additional Services

Are the Academic Support Lab and computer labs open?

During Stage 2 of the state-wide reopening, the Academic Support Lab (ASL) will continue with online support. If the state progresses to Stage 3, the ASL and computer labs will begin with limited appointment-only availability. Students who have made an appointment will have access to PC computers, MAC computers and one-on-one tutoring.

Once computer labs reopen in Stage 3, individual users must disinfect computer stations (keyboards and mice) before and after usage with disinfectant wipes provided by the College. Workspaces will be configured to allow for distancing of at least six feet between individuals at desks and computer stations.


Is the library open?

During Stage 2, curbside pickup may be arranged on a case-by-case basis for requested material. Employees who deliver the materials should wear proper PPE and place materials on the curb near a patron’s vehicle, whenever feasible. Returned items will be sanitized and/or appropriately quarantined. Contact the library at library@salemcc.edu.

As SCC transitions to Stage 3, the library may open with a reduced number of occupants, based on current indoor occupancy guidelines from the state, with social-distancing measures in place. Individual users must disinfect computer stations (keyboards and mice) before and after usage with disinfectant wipes provided by the College. “Communal” spaces for groups to study and learn will remain closed and/or only used if social distancing (at least six feet of distance) can be observed.

Hand sanitation stations have been installed at the entrances of the library.

Online access, remote requests and interlibrary loans remain available and will be expanded, wherever possible.


What if I need tutoring in a class?

During Stage 2, the Academic Support Lab provides online services. Check Canvas for details or email tutoring@salemcc.edu.


How can I get help using the learning management system (Canvas)?

Please contact Mary Eklund via email at meklund@salemcc.edu.


How can I get technical assistance?

Contact the Information Technology department at helpdesk@salemcc.edu.

All other help resources are best found under the Help button on the left-side vertical menu of every Canvas class.


I don't have a computer at home. May I borrow one? 

In addition to technical support, the Information Technology Department facilitates computer loans to our students who do not have access to technology at home. To learn more, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@salemcc.edu or at 856.351.2671.


Is the Barnes & Noble Bookstore open?

The bookstore is offering very limited hours. Visitors should email sm8080@bncollege.com to verify hours.


With the return of more employees, the following guidelines are designed to promote a safe and healthy work environment. Should you have additional questions and/or concerns, discuss them with your supervisor or Barbara Quaile in Human Resources.

Your Salem Community College has gradually allowed more employees to return to campus throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. On the academic side, SCC has safely run courses in person at the Glass Education Center since June, with other courses (including science labs and select art courses) operating safely in Contini Hall. For the spring semester, 24% of course sections have an on-campus meeting requirement. Some of these sections are hybrid, so they also hold some of the class meetings virtually.

Nursing faculty and students are actively supporting the vaccination site in the DuPont Field House.

The College has worked to provide, and will continue to provide, individual employee office space and staggered schedules to reduce capacity when practical.


Is a daily health screening required for employees?

Yes. Beginning Tuesday, April 6, 2021, all employees will be required to complete a COVID-19 self-assessment PRIOR to arriving to campus for work - every day. The platform for completing those assessments is called WorkSafe. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS UNLESS YOU ARE CLEARED BY THE APP. You may also contact Barbara Quaile with any questions or concerns regarding the process.

If you are a full-time employee and are off (vacation, personal time), you do not have to answer the WorkSafe questions for the time period that you are off.

If you are an adjunct or part-time employee and are off from work, you do not have to answer the WorkSafe questions.


Are employees required to check in with Public Safety when they arrive to campus?



Are employees required to check their temperature when they arrive to campus?



Is social distancing still required?

Yes. Meetings in offices can only take place if distancing of six feet or more is available. If not, meet in a larger space such as a conference room, or virtually through Zoom or Ring Central.


Is wearing a mask still required?

Yes. A mask must be worn in common indoor areas (including hallways, Student Services, Student Union, Library, conference rooms, classrooms, labs, Theatre, Davidow Lobby and Field House). A mask is not necessary when working alone in a private area, such as your office. Be sure to always carry an extra mask in your vehicle and have a spare in your office. Extra masks are located in Public Safety (TIL-112).


How is SCC enforcing the State of New Jersey's limited indoor capacity restriction?

In accordance with the CDC and state guidelines, SCC has clearly posted the maximum occupancy in each classroom, lab and conference room. Please always obey the posted capacity.


How often is the air recirculated in campus buildings?

SCC adheres to all New Jersey State IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) requirements. All of the HVAC and air circulation systems are set to bring in at a minimum, 10% fresh air. The system is checked daily to ensure proper ventilation and air flow is provided to all buildings and spaces and to ensure the system is working as it is intended to.


How has SCC enacted a stricter cleaning protocol?

Cleaning of campus facilities follows CDC guidelines and meets or exceeds those required by the Governor’s Office or the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. Hand-sanitizer stations are increased, precautionary/regulatory signs are posted and barrier systems are installed at designated locations to reinforce proper precautionary behavior.  Effective April 5: In addition to nightly cleaning, high-touch areas in every campus building will be disinfected between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. 


Are cleaning supplies provided?

The College has installed 13 commercial-size, wipe stations throughout the buildings with at least one on each floor.  Find disinfectant wipes placed in all common areas, like at copier machines and office suites. Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout campus and are located throughout all buildings, entrance ways and by restrooms. Each classroom and lab will be supplied with disinfecting supplies including wipes, aerosol disinfecting spray (where needed) or bottled disinfecting spray.

When you notice supplies are depleted or running low, request them from Campus Operations.  Likewise, if you notice a hand-sanitizer station needs refilling, notify Campus Operations. 


What else is new?

Water-filling stations will be installed across campus (one per building).  The filling stations will replace water coolers. Until the stations are installed, please bring bottled water from home.




SCC Mighty Oaks athletic teams are back in action this spring:

Baseball and Men’s Soccer will play National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Region 19 competition. Baseball begins March 10 and Soccer on April 2.

Men’s Basketball will begin practice on March 15 and play five scrimmage games between April 12 and May 10.

Cross Country will compete in two meets in March.

Women’s Basketball and Softball will hold workouts in March and April.

All teams are operating under CDC and New Jersey guidelines relative to COVID-19 protocols. Detailed game administration protocols have been established by Region 19 of the NJCAA.

Visit the Mighty Oaks website at sccmightyoaks.com, @sccmightyoaks on Twitter and Instagram and SCC Mighty Oaks on Facebook.

To receive information on SCC’s Mighty Oaks athletics teams including men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, baseball and softball contact the Athletic Department at athletics@salemcc.edu. Please indicate which team(s) you are interested in when you contact us.



Will SCC continue to hold special events?

Following federal, state, county and local guidelines, SCC decides on special events on a case-by-case basis. The College adheres to the indoor and outdoor attendance restrictions as set forth by Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 230 (indoor) and Executive Order 234 (outdoor).


Should I wear a mask when I’m attending an event on campus?

Everyone (employees, students and visitors) must wear a mask covering both their mouth and nose. Information on this requirement is posted at the entrance to all buildings and throughout the campus. If someone cannot wear a mask due to health concerns, he or she will be accommodated virtually.


How are social distancing measures being carried out?

All congregate areas (including restrooms and other public areas) have been modified, as appropriate, to ensure compliance with current regulations for social distancing.


Is the College’s food pantry accessible?

Yes. Students may email foodpantry@salemcc.edu for details. Updates will also be shared on social media.


Are career services available?

Yes, the Career Services Office provides virtual meetings for students in career exploration, resume building, and job search. Email careerservices@salemcc.edu.


What if I have a question that isn’t addressed here?

Email info@salemcc.edu with general inquiries and someone will respond as quickly as possible.


Salem County Deptment of Health and Human Services


CDC: When You've Been Fully Vaccinated


New Jersey Office of the Governor 


New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


World Health Organization (WHO)


American College Health Association (ACHA)


Stop the Spread of the Germs