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College Acceleration Program (CAP)

What is College Acceleration Program (CAP) also known as dual credit?

The Salem Community College dual credit program or College Acceleration Program (CAP) allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in and receive both high school and college credit during normal class hours at their high school. Participation in the CAP program enables high school students to get a head start on their college career at significant cost savings, while preparing them for the rigor of college courses. Credits earned under this program will apply toward a degree at Salem Community College and are widely transferable to colleges and universities in the State of New Jersey and outside of New Jersey.

Each area high school offers specific eligible and approved dual credit courses. Check with your Guidance Counselor or school curriculum catalog for specific dual credit courses for your high school. Generally speaking, there is a full-range of 100 and 200 level general education core courses for dual credit. Courses may include, but are not limited to, the following: English and English composition, literature, foreign languages, history, math and science. Students must earn the minimum published grade in each dual credit course to be eligible for dual credit at Salem Community College. Once you earn the required grade at your high school in an eligible dual credit course, you must complete the required steps to request and earn the college credit through Salem Community College by the published deadline.


2020-2021 CAP/Dual Credit Forms

* These schools currently do not require eligible dual credit students to submit paperwork to earn the college credit. Please contact your Guidance Counselor with any questions about earning dual credit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for dual credit?

After completion of the school year, and before the published deadline, students must submit the appropriate paperwork and payment to receive college credits for any eligible dual credit courses. The deadline each year is the last Thursday of July (as listed on the CAP/Dual Credit Forms for your school). Required paperwork includes a CAP/Dual Credit Application, a Request for Dual Credit form, and a copy of your official high school transcript showing the final grade(s) earned in the dual credit eligible course(s). All forms and payment must be submitted to SCC’s Office of Enrollment Management (Donaghay Hall) before the published deadline.


Will my dual credits transfer to another college or university?

Ultimately, this decision is made by the other institution. However, many of our dual credit students have had success in transferring their dual credits to a wide variety of institutions. All courses completed through Salem Community College are accredited by the Middles States Commission on Higher Education. It is recommended that you contact the college/university you wish to attend to discuss their specific transfer credit policy. Students can request their official SCC transcript at www.getmytranscript.com.


How do I obtain a copy of my SCC transcript?

Students can view their unofficial SCC transcript by logging into the Self-Service Portal at https://self-service.salemcc.edu/selfservice/Home.aspx and navigating to Grades tab. Students can also request a copy of their unofficial transcript by emailing SCC’s Registrar at registrar@salemcc.edu.

Official transcripts must be ordered at www.getmytranscript.com. Students can select to either send their official transcript to themselves or sent directly another institution (for transfer credits).


Additional questions about the CAP program?

Please contact your High School Guidance Counselor or SCC at dualcredit@salemcc.edu or (856) 351-2716.